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Hydraulic Pump
Heavy Duty
Stainless Steel
$158.00 - $298.00/Piece
2 Pieces(Min. Order)
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RecommendationsKingshadow LED metal mirror station
1. Hair salon mirror station with led light 2.Tinplate silver metal frame not easy to be rusted 3.Stable base make sure the mirror won’t be shaken 4.Customization acceptable-wall mounted/stand,single/double sides model 5.LED light control by electric,can custom to smart touch control button 6.Use for makeup,haircut,wedding studio,etc.

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New Arrivals 2021
1.Mirror Station
2.Foot spa chair

Shampoo Unit

Stainless Steel
Synthetic Leather
$198.00 - $328.00/Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)
$258.00 - $298.00/Piece
2 Pieces(Min. Order)
Commercial Furniture
Salon Furniture
Barber Chair
$68.00 - $150.00/Piece
2 Pieces(Min. Order)